Monday, May 18, 2009

Inside accounts

The All Parties Conference (APC), held here on Monday, remained divided on the issue of endorsing the ongoing military operation in Swat, but was unanimous in condemning the US drone attacks.
Differences on the question of military operation led to the dropping of certain draft articles from the proposed resolution to pave the way for the adoption of a unanimous resolution. Dr Shireen Mazari, who attended the APC as part of the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf delegation, told The News that the APC neither supported the military operation nor expressed any such thing in the unanimously adopted resolution.
The amended resolution, unanimously approved, does not use the word “military operation” even once or says anywhere that the military offensive in Swat has been endorsed or supported by the APC.
“All parties unanimously approved a resolution in favour of the Swat operation,” Kaira said.
A government source also confirmed to this correspondent that two proposed articles that were part of the draft resolution concerning the military operation were deleted and amended to reach a consensus.

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