Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pakistan grills Manawan attack suspects

LAHORE: Pakistan on Tuesday questioned four suspects, including an Afghan, captured during a police academy siege on the outskirts of Lahore. Interior ministry chief Rehman Malik talked about possible 'foreign hands.
The attack took place near the border with India.
Police, who have been widely criticised as the 'soft' target for extremists attacking the security forces in Pakistan, enforced heavy security for the funerals and armed commandos deployed on rooftops around the building.
British Foreign Secretary David Miliband condemned the attack and pledged international help to root out the extremist threat.
'The attack is yet another reminder of the threat that Pakistan faces from violent extremism,' he said.
The Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives, a non-governmental group, said Monday's attack — just weeks after the attack in the same city on the Sri Lankan cricket team — underscored the urgent need to strengthen the police.
Pakistani officials said that attack bore the hallmarks of the November 2008 siege in Mumbai, blamed on Pakistani militants, which killed 165 people.
Analysts said the latest attack was a firm message to Obama, who has put Pakistan at the heart of the fight against al-Qaeda, tripling US aid in a strategy aimed at reversing the war in Afghanistan.

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